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Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue
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The Rescue Shoppe


Niagara Sheltie Rescue has been able to acquire some lovely and useful items that are being sold through our Rescue Shoppe store and on Ebay, and all profits are to help with rescued sheltie's medical bills....

 Items that could be donated would be a welcome addition if you would like to offer them for sheltie rescue.

We are also looking for useful items that are unable to be sold through e-bay or the website for our spring garage sale with proceeds to benefit SOS rescue as well.

Click here for the link to what is available on Ebay

Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

Order a new collar and leash, an "Udder tug", or a "rescue ribbon" for your car - 

and 10-50% of your purchase will go to Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue



Item Description Price

Shipping is extra

Bone shaped magnet "I Love My Sheltie"         5.50
Handmade cloth bags with zipper to attach to your leash as  poop baggie holders 3.00
Wristbands (blue & white) paw print cut out      4.50
Set of 6 mini paw prints magnets                  5.50

License Plate Holder " Save a Life... Adopt a Homeless Pet    


Holographic Paw Print magnet         $6.50
Doggone crazy game 9.99
Not available yet  
Ceramic Sheltie statue

Available painted in "all sheltie" colors or not painted

5.99 painted

4.99 not painted

Ceramic Sheltie head statue

Available painted in "all sheltie" colors or not painted


6.99 painted

5.99 not painted

Clay Pot Cookie Jar 13.99

Sable Sheltie pins



Black and white Sheltie pins


photo to come Black and white paw print magnet 5.50

Pet sprayer for bathing your dog in a laundry tub



To purchase any of these items please contact

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